The BBOX Operation for Our Client – LANCOME

With the third consecutive year cooperation with our client COSFIBEL PREMIUM (a professional Luxury package supplier for LANCOME which is part of L’Oreal Group), we have reached a higher professional level and get a higher efficiency on value-added service.
What’s more, this year, instead of the previous partner of Fu Dan University, we have also partnered with an organization named Shanghai Women’s Federation which aims to:
1. Represent and protect women’s right.
2. Provide a link between the government and women.
3. Promote equality between men and women.
Thus, our employees is not only included the handicapped, but also provide the job opportunity towards the women equally. This year we have 70 team members, in which has 14 disabled employees, and 32 women (Shanghai Women federation)
In 2016, we have finished 58,821 BBOX in 18 days, and then delivery them to Singapore, Japan, Korea, HK, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Russia.

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